Bacon vs Spaulding

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Fifteen rounds of education, information, case study, and practical knowledge from the two men that defined an industry. Carl Bacon, CIPM will battle Dr. David Spaulding, CIPM on May 17th, 2018 in Philadelphia, PA with a rematch in London, England on June 13th.

The rounds will cover:

  • Round 1: Time- vs. Money-weighting

  • Round 2: Excess returns: arithmetic vs. geometric

  • Round 3: The interaction effect: is there any point?

  • Round 4: Attribution: arithmetic vs. geometric attribution

  • Round 5: Holdings vs. transaction-based attribution?

  • Round 6: Are residuals acceptable in attribution?

  • Round 7: Is there any reason to measure ex-post risk?

  • Round 8: What to use for the risk-free rate? What if it’s negative?

  • Round 9: Risk-adjusted returns: what’s the best approach?

  • Round 10: Is it time for risk-adjusted attribution?

  • Round 11: Why pay so much for market indexes?

  • Round 12: Should GIPS apply to retail funds?

  • Round 13: Equal-weighted vs. asset-weighted standard deviation

  • Round 14: Asset-weighted vs. equal-weighted composite returns: which is better?

  • Round 15: A “free for all” [audience submitted questions]

This is your opportunity to witness a once in a lifetime event while having the chance to learn from two of the best in our industry.

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Bacon vs. Spaulding

May 17, 2018 – Philadelphia, PA, June 13, 2018 – London, England


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